Fall Beauty Favorites

Today, I’m sharing with you my top fall beauty favorites.  As far as makeup goes, I’m sharing my favorite foundation, blush, eyeshadow palette, lipstick, and liquid lipstick since these are the products that I tend to switch up season to season.  I’m also sharing my favorite nail polish, face mask, and bath products.  Now let’s get into the products!

Foundation- It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream With SPF 50+

When fall comes around I tend to start using my full coverage foundations again.  Ever since I first tried this foundation, I’ve been OBSESSED with it!  I’ve gone through at least three to four tubes already.  There’s also an illumination version, which I really like too!  If you’re wondering which one to buy, it depends on if you want a more glowy/dewy look or not.  What I love about this foundation is that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any foundation.  It’s full coverage, yet it feels light-weight and leaves my skin feeling smooth.  I can’t say enough good things about this product.  A little of this product goes a long ways.  I only need one to two pumps each time I’m doing my makeup.  This allows this foundation to last a long time! If you’re looking for a new foundation to try, definitely try this one!

Blush- NARS in SinNARS blush.jpgDuring the fall and winter months, I tend to go for more mauvy, purple colors.  This NARS blush in Sin is my go-to during the fall!  Sin in one of my all  time favorite blushes.  I tend to use it during other seasons too because I like it so much and it looks so good on my skin.

Eye shadow Palette-Kylie Cosmetics-The Burgundy Palette

The Burgundy Palette | Kyshadow
The colors in this palette just scream fall!  They’re all so pretty too!  I got this palette last Christmas and can’t wait to get even more use out of it this fall.  I like that this palette has a variety of colors in it so you can do a lot of different eye looks with it.  You can easily create simple, neutral looks and more dramatic looks.

Lipstick-NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna

During the fall months, I definitely have more liquid lipsticks that I tend to reach for.  However, I do love my regular lipsticks too.  I would describe this color as a dusty rose pink.  It can easily be worn all year round, but I especially love it for fall!  This lipstick goes on smoothly and is pretty long lasting for a lipstick.  Also, I love the packaging!

Liquid Lipstick-Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

I’m pretty sure this was the first liquid lipstick I ever bought three to four years ago.  Since then, I’ve accumulated quite a few liquid lipsticks.  I have plenty that I love.  However, Lolita continues to be my absolute favorite color for the fall.  Lolita is described as chesnut rose on Sephora.  I feel that this color is the perfect fall color for me because it can easily be worn from day to night.

Nail Polish- Essie Lady Like

Lady Like - Soft Mauve Pink Nail Polish by Essie
You know I love my nail polish!  There are so many fall nail polish colors that I love that I really wasn’t sure how I was going to pick just one.  Somehow I managed it though.  My go-to colors during the fall are light and dark neutral colors.  I picked Essie’s Lady Like as my top fall favorite because you really can wear it with anything and it looks good.  Plus, since it’s a soft mauve color, it isn’t as noticeable when it starts chipping compared to a dark color.  It’s just such a pretty color!

Face mask- Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skin’s Thirst

As the weather gets chillier, my skins tends to get drier.  During the fall I turn to this Origins mask to help my dry skin.  I like that you only have to leave this mask on for 10 minutes.  Right after I rinse this mask off, I can tell it worked.  This mask leaves my skin feeling more moisturized, smoother, and softer.  It also smells amazing!

Bath Product- Lush Bath Bombs (Halloween collection)

My favorite fall bath products are definitely the Halloween Lush bath bombs.  During the fall months I like to take lots of bubble baths and they aren’t complete unless I have a Lush bath bomb.  I absolutely love these three bath bombs: Monsters’ Ball, Lord of Misrule, and Pumpkin.  Monsters’ Ball and Lord of Misrule are color changing bath bombs, which make them even more fun.  Pumpkin doesn’t change colors, but it fizzes and is the perfect fall scent.  All three of these bath bombs smell amazing!  I’m actually out of bath bombs right now, so I should probably stock up!

That wraps up all of my fall beauty favorites.  Writing this post has made me want to use all of these products right now!  I’m definitely going to try and use most of them this week. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products in the comments below.  Also, what are your favorite fall beauty products?  Let me know in the comments below.  I’m always looking to try new beauty products!


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