What We Wore Wednesday

Rachel’s Look

| Express Top | Express Skirt | Express Heels | Bytten Fitbit Slide |

Today I decided to take advantage of the nice weather by wearing a skirt and tank top. I love the classic look of black and white for work. I wear to work Express portofino shirts fairly often. I have the portofino top in several colors and patterns but I only have this one that is the tank top style. I normal wouldn’t wear a tank top to work but I do like the looks of this one and think that it still looks professional. Pretty soon I can break out my fall work clothes!


Michelle’s Look

| J. Crew Factory t-shirt | Gap shorts | Sperry sneakers | Etsy monogram necklace | J. Crew Factory earrings |

Today I ran some errands and continued cleaning and organizing my closet ( I meant to do this weeks ago).  Needless to say, I wanted to be comfortable yet look put together.  I feel like that’s what I usually say in these posts during the summer. Don’t worry, I’ll be going back to work next week so I’ll start having some dressier outfits very soon!  For today’s outfit, I wore this burnt orange t-shirt from J. Crew Factory.  I got this shirt in a few different colors.  I like that you can wear it on its own or layer it when it starts to get colder.  To finish off my outfit, I went with my favorite Gap denim shorts and my Sperry sneakers.

-Michelle & Rachel

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