PINspiration Friday

Rachel’s Picks

  1. I love this grey and blue! This layer looks great plus I love all the accessories. I could definitely see myself wearing this.
  2. These bracelets all look great together. I don’t normally layer bracelets very often because I usually have my Fitbit on, but I do really like this look!
  3. These shoes! I love how they are black and white yet still fun! I may not workout all the time, but I always love looking at all the fun tennis shoes!

Michelle’s Picks

  1. Even though it’s definitely still winter here in the Midwest, I’m dreaming of warmer weather.  I love the look of this casual outfit for a summer day.
  2. Who knew Kate Spade had active wear?! These leggings with the bows are absolutely to die for!!!
  3. I love these earrings!  I think they would be perfect for dressing any outfit up!

-Michelle & Rachel

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