What We Wore Wednesday

What We Wore Wednesday

Rachel’s Look


| Ivy & Leo Top | American Eagle Jeggings | Target Sandals |

I today I made my way back to college! Since I knew I would be doing a lot of hauling and unpacking I wanted to wear something that was easy to move in. I still wanted to look cute today since I knew I would be seeing some friends and would be going out to eat once I got there. It was also kind of rainiy and cold so I had to pull out some jeggings to keep me warm!

Michelle’s Look


| UOI Boutique tunic | Express leggings | J. Crew Factory necklace | Target sandals |

Today was a gloomy, chilly summer day.  Because of this I ended up wearing a very comfy and casual outfit.  I went with a short sleeved tunic in one of my favorite colors and paired it with some leggings.  I just got back from vacation the day before and knew I was mainly going to be relaxing and doing things around the house.  This comfy outfit was perfect for that!

-Michelle & Rachel

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