PINSpiration Friday

PINspiration Friday

Rachel’s Picks


1) This seersucker dress is adorable! I like that it’s a light blue and the V in the back.  2) This is one of my new favorite shirts.  I bought a shirt very similar to this a couple weeks back and I love it!  I bought it at the boutique Ivy & Leo.  My only regret when it came to my purchase was that I didn’t buy it in another color! I hope when I go back to the store in August that they still have it. 3) I think this is such a pretty and simple fall look.  I love the blush top with matching flats.  I will for sure be wearing something similar to this once fall comes.

Michelle’s Picks


1) Even though there’s still some summer left, I’ve recently been getting excited about fall clothes!  I absolutely love everything about this outfit.  I’ve also become obsessed with this periwinkle color and love this polka dot vest.  I’m hoping I can find one like it this fall 2) This Tory Burch cross body purse is so cute! 3) Here’s another fall outfit that I think would be perfect for the weekend when you want to be comfy yet still look put together!  That pull over looks so cozy!

We hope you enjoy your last weekend in July!

-Michelle & Rachel

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